Changelog #1 - Feb 17, 2021

Updates and improvements to Octodroid.


  • We now have a blog! We'll be publishing guides to grow your business as well as periodic changelogs with all the new updates to the Octodroid platform, like this one.

    Check out our first guide : The ultimate guide to making money with Android apps in 2021.

  • New Interstitial ads have been added to all templates. Although you won't notice a different in your ad settings, a new intersitial now appears when closing the single item page of all templates (i.e: After closing the full screen page of a single wallpaper in the wallpaper template). You should however, notice an increase in your revenue!

  • You can now generate a developer website & app-ads.txt file directly on Octodroid. If you've never heard of that, we just published a tutorial with more details, read it over here : How to generate a developer website & your app-ads.txt file

Improvements & Fixes

  • You can now change the layout of the wallpaper template, from list view to grid view. Simply go into your app settings and you'll notice a new dropdown with both options.

  • The ad placement descriptions in your ad settings have been changed to explain better when each placement in within your app.